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Art competitions have brought value and new opportunities to artists since the first one in recorded history, which took place in Ancient Greece some 2,500 years ago. To bring opportunities to today’s artists, Agora Gallery hosts several annual juried art competitions. Artists can enter more than one competition.

Entering Agora Gallery Art Competitions

  1. Whether you’ve been an artist for 2 years or 20, preparing an entry is an opportunity to take a step back and look at your body of work and ask yourself the question – What pieces will make the best presentation?

  2. You’ll receive exposure to a sophisticated, appreciative New York audience, and to an ever larger global audience through print and online media. 

  3. Being exhibited alongside other talented artists is an honor and provides inspiration.

  4. Showing your art to gallerists, curators, and editors can be the start of something big.
Two of my favorites takes from this experience have been: Having my work curated by such influential figures in the New York art scene, and being a part of a show with multiple generations of Latin American artists; artists who have been evolving their practice for 50 years, and young artist like myself that are still learning and developing.
Kevin Quiles Bonilla
Puerto Rico, 2018 Selected Artist
The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition
Participating in the Ágora Gallery competition has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. The opportunity to show my work in the great showcase open to the world is very important for me at this time: nothing less than the opportunity to make myself known at the highest level. Besides, the communication with the organization of the Gallery has been very fluid and friendly and they have facilitated the whole process and solved any type of doubt. It has been an example of the old saying: “If you have a dream… pursue it and get it!”
Clara De Bobes
Spain, 2018 Selected Artist
The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition
Honored to have my work exhibited at the 2nd Annual Chelsea International Photography Competition organized by the Agora Gallery, I warmly recommend photographers to participate in future competitions. My experience with the Agora Gallery’s team has been fantastic from the beginning till the end of the show. Communications has been flawless during all the process and members of the Agora Gallery are true professionals, always available to help you and give you advises. This competition has been a great opportunity to show my work to a wider audience and the gallery itself is a wonderful place that really valorize your photographs. I am deeply thankful to the Agora Gallery for having me at this exhibition. I hope the best to all the team and good luck for the next events.
Cyrille Dubreuil
United States, 2018 Selected Artist
The Chelsea International Photography Competition
My experience at the Agora Gallery is by far the most satisfying of the many galleries I’ve appeared in. The communication between the gallery and myself have been superb, timely and responsive. Within 2 days of the opening, they have sold 4 out my 5 offerings and the 5th remaining one is getting a great response. I feel honored to be included in this exhibition of truly superb work. Thank you for having me!
Richard Greene
United States, 2018 Selected Artist
The Chelsea International Photography Competition
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Artists from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latin American diaspora at any stage of their careers are invited to submit work in painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, mixed media, and print to the Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition. 

Visit the competition site

The Asian Contemporary Fine Art Competition offers Asian and Asian Diaspora artists, at any stage of their careers, are invited to submit in any of the following mediums: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, mixed media and print.

Visit the competition site

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition offers selected artists an opening reception with the New York art community, a jury of internationally influential voices, prize levels that include cash awards totaling $70,000, and international exposure comprising ARTisSpectrum Magazine, and a color exhibit catalog.

Visit the competition site

Photographers, you could exhibit in a New York gallery and be part of an art fair with international artists! With a highly professional and experienced gallery staff, a distinguished panel of jurors and prizes valued at more than $55,000, the Chelsea International Photography Competition is an excellent opportunity for potential national and international acclaim.

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